In 2004, through an unexpected set of circumstances, we found ourselves in the position to buy a small property in one of the most sought after coastal towns in East Devon. As you will have seen from the site photographs, the location is spectacular.

The bungalow that existed on the site was dated and did not really get the best from the location and from the outset, development was a clear opportunity. In fact, the opportunity to build a house in the same style as houses in Florida. We have always loved the open styled and Art Deco influenced buildings found in Florida but we never expected to actually have a plot of land that would do justice to that style of building.

However, development in this sensitive part of East Devon was not a forgone conclusion. We new we would have to design any new building to exacting requirements. It would be a challenge and it would be a big one, but how could we say no? This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Like many people, we have followed the trials and tribulations of people featured on Grand Designs so we knew a project like this would not be a simple undertaking. But we have seen how people have succeeded with a good mixture of optimism and determination. Knowing we would be in for a tough time - we decided to go for it.

As the project progresses we will update this site with details of all of the people who have helped us along the way.