We had been looking for a suitable property for some time and built a very good relationship with Wesley Woltman, the manager of Palmers Whitton & Laing, a well renowned local estate agent. He had acted for us in the past and is well known locally to many land owners and the business community in general.

Typically for Wesley, when he made that fateful call to me he said ‘I’ve found your future home and I’m not taking no for an answer. You’re going to hate it! But the location is amazing and you aren’t going to find anything else like it for a very, very long time’. Now Wesley knows my tastes and is certainly in tune with what Mark and I had been searching for but I must confess, I thought he might have lost his marbles when he said we would hate it!

After Wesley had spoken to the owner who was also a long standing client of his and friend (which made things all the more comfortable for us) we arranged to see the property. You know when you get that feeling of complete certainty, slight butterflies but complete certainty none the less! Upon reaching the site and seeing that stunning outlook we both new he hadn’t lost his marbles at all. In fact he had found the perfect project. The deal was done, and as the owner didn’t want the site offered on the open market, things went through smoothly.

To some this might sound a little over the top but I have no doubt in my mind that without Wesley and his experience and insight during our search, none of this would have happened. My advice to anyone looking for property is to recognise a good estate agent when they find them and listen to them. Sometimes they can even be right!


The final stages of construction







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Clearing the site and the beginning of construction